Ever feel tired like your feet can’t move fast? or like your legs feel heavy and you have the sensation that each of them weights like a ton of bricks? You are not alone. Many Folkloristas feel the same.

Sometimes it is not lack of motivation but lack of energy. Perhaps you came straight from school to the dance studio and didn’t have time to eat a proper meal. What ever the case maybe, you can make a big difference in the way you feel at your Ballet Folklorico class by eating the proper snacks within an hour of being on the dance floor.

The key is to be intuitive about what you body may be needing on that day. Example, you were in college class back to back all day and did not drink water, or any liquids because there is no time between classes to take a break. Evidently you will need to replenish and give your body the water and hydration you need. So get juice or tea or a sports drink.

Are you getting the picture?

Let’s see some examples of snacks.

NUTS: Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds and even peanuts will give your body a boost of vitamin B and multiple minerals that allow you to metabolize more energy for the Folklorico workout. May I mention that they make you feel full?  You don’t need much, just about half a cup will do.



PROTEIN: If you are trying to be lean and just feed your muscles, my favorite quick pick is a small can of Tuna fish. Grocery stores offer them now already seasoned and with 5 or so crackers wrapped as a to-go package.  In contrast to this lean idea, if you are a man and want to “bulk” up your muscles, then you can try a protein powder shake with eggs maybe?  Speaking of eggs, you could hard boil eggs and keep then ready to go before Folklorico Class. Personally, I like to toss them in a small ziplock bag with some salt and pepper, by the time I arrive to the dance studio the spices have soaked into the egg a little bit. But wait, maybe you are vegetarian, how about some tofu, beans, lentils or other legumes. They taste good if not boiled all away and still sort of like the adamame beans you get at the Japanese restaurants, just add some spices or condiments and do the mini ziplock bag “thing”






HYDRATION: Ok, we mentioned that maybe you did not drink water all day because you were running around. But in this case, right before driving to practice a Folklorista needs a bit more than water. You need, Green tea with NO sugar or a sports drink if you are watching the diet. However, if you are a kid and are not watching your calories intake you may take juice. The reason is because you are about to SWEAT. As you sweat the body is depleting its salts and glucose in plain english. (Unless, you want my boring bio-chemistry version) My favorite juice recommendations are the ones that have vitamin C. Why? Because vitamin C helps metabolize Iron which is a molecule that helps carry OXYGEN in your blood cells. Many dancers are panting and out of breath and don’t know that simply they are not able to carry out this blood-oxygen task for 3 hours or what ever long your Ballet Folklorico Class is.


FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Here is a time saver, if you have a Juicer throw some veggies and fruit and that’s it! You will have live phyto-nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to make your body perform like a machine.  (Yes, you have to wash the juicer before you go to Folklorico training). If you don’t have a juicer machine, there is a second option.  Have you heard to those new power blenders that you turn upside down and press a button and they liquify almost anything? aka Nutri-Bullet? if you have one, use it. It will give you a thick veggie-meal to go and you will feel great.  In the last resource, If you have a normal old fashion blender, throw some frozen fruit and either water, juice or skim milk. STAY AWAY from sugar or any sweetener.



In conclusion, I have offered my humble suggestions for healthy snacking options instead of eating junk food on the go.Your body will thank you.

We welcome your input and comments to add to this list. Whether you are a Folklorista and want to share your favorite healthy snack. Or you are a sport driven person or someone who loves eating natural foods and would like to give your ideas on what to grab quickly and on the go. Please do not hesitate. I would love to hear from you. Let’s get healthy together and enjoy the benefits of dance as a workout. Viva el Ballet Folklorico. Email us.


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Gabriela Carbone
Ballet Folklorico Leyenda by Director Founder Gabriela Carbone provides performing arts level shows for presenters and TV producers as well as corporate and social events in Los Angeles, Riverside, and most of Southern California as well as International dance tours. Leyenda also offers ballet folklorico classes in Riverside, California.

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