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    Use Ballet Folklorico LEYENDA in cinematography projects. We can customize a ballet folklorico performance to be used as a background in a Hollywood production. LEYENDA dancers have been featured in Movies and can work with your production team to cut time for the movie shooting process. For these services we have ballet folklorico trained children. The children division has been featured in “Little Fockers” with Robert Deniro, Ben Stiller, Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Owen Wilson and Jessica Alba. Separately, the performance team ages 16 through 28 has 30 ballet folklorico dancers; some of whom have been featured in the Movie “Hop” featuring James Marsden, Russel Brand, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, Hugh Laurie and Kaley Cuoco. Moreover, our International Tour division of ballet folklorico dancers can dance ballet folklorico as well as contemporary and classical ballet. Together, we have 50 dancers who range in ages from 8 to 28.

    Use Ballet Folklorico LEYENDA in TV MEDIA. We are very experienced in High end TV live shows like Fiesta del Bicentenario and El Bicentenario which celebrated 200 years of Mexico’s independence. With TV stations like PBS, CNN, Channel 13, ABC Channel, UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO. Ballet folklorico LEYENDA understands the time precision, attention to detail and quick adaptation to the program required for massive TV MEDIA. Our Ballet folklorico performances have been seen in 16 ASIAN countries, 13 LATIN AMERICAN countries. Our ballet folklorico performances have been featured in the front cover of China News Paper in Beijing (2010) and in web and printed media of the countries of DUBAI, FRANCE and CHINA.

    Use Ballet Folklorico LEYENDA in Red carpet events. Our proximity to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hollywood makes it easy to perform in Red Carpet Galas and Benefit Events. Our Ballet Folklorico performances have entertained Hollywood celebrities and foreign figures like the prime minister of Israel at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills and the vice-prime minister of China in 2010 in Beijing.

    Use Ballet Folklorico LEYENDA for Corporate events. We customize corporate events to fit any size of stage and any type of stage. We have performed Ballet folklorico for many fortune 500 corporations and organizations. Our ballet folklorico stages have ranged from concrete, wood stages, raised stages, stages atop a skyscraper to a stage over a swimming pool, or below the tallest tower in the world (DUBAI 2012) including impromptu Ballet folklorico performances in places like the Great Wall of China, and the “Bird’s Nest” National Olympic Stadium.

    Use Ballet Folklorico LEYENDA for your SMALL BUSINESS. We do “GRAND OPENINGS”, promotional appearances, Christmas parties, etc. Most importantly, Our ballet folklorico performances adapt to ANY BUDGET. No company party is too small or too big.

    Use Ballet Folklorico LEYENDA for your WEDDING or your QUINCEANERA and all your SOCIAL EVENTS We customize and adapt to any BUDGET no matter how small may seem. Moreover, your guests can be rest assured that Leyenda Ballet folklorico offers great quality and professional performances. Contact us for details about: Ballet Folklorico shows for Weddings Ballet folklorico shows for Quinceañeras. Ballet folklorico shows for Birthdays. Ballet folklorico shows for Backyard parties.